Follow your customers professionally. You get the best results and get customer satisfaction



Track the time spent on tasks and the bill for your customers. The ability to Assign multiple employees to the task and track the timer for each specific employee.

Add followers to the task even if the employees are not a member of The project. The employee will be able to track the progress of the job Without access to the project.

Track movements

Track potential customers in one place and easily track their progress. The ability to automatically import leads from email, add notes, and create offers. Organize your strings into stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.

Offers and billing

Create good-looking proposals for potential clients or clients and increase the sales.

It records your company / project expenses and you have the ability to send invoices to your clients and convert them automatically into an invoice.

Great calendar for every employee based on employee permissions.

Contracts and advertisements

Increase customer retention with built-in surveys.

Use the goal tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.

Create ads for your employees and clients.

Use the contracts feature to secure current and future sales.

Follow up, reports, notes, files and many more features.

Storage and receipt of payments

Custom fields can store additional information for customers, leads, and more.

Receive payments from Paypal and Stripe in various currencies.

Tons of configurable options.

Design your CRM approach to your company branding with

Powerful feature design feature.


Follow your customers professionally to get the best results and get customer satisfaction

Detailed Reports

The program provides reports and graphs by recording all the details that you specify in the system. Make your job easier.

Track and solve problems

CRM provides a powerful technical support system that allows companies to track customer problems and solve them without losing any data.

Customers and invoices

• You can easily manage your customers and their contacts and create contacts Multiple clients for your clients and set the appropriate permissions. Zone is separated Entire customers from the management area. Clients have a customer portal With their presentation of all financial data from your company in a clear presentation.

Recurring bills and charges and tracking of goals

• Create recurring invoices that will be re-created automatically without uploading Finger, depending on the exact period of the recurring bill. maybe you can be The time period is days, weeks, months, or years.

Estimates and suggestions

• Create an estimate within a minute, send to your clients and wait Accept, add notes to better organize your next actions, and do Create reminders. The ability to automatically convert the estimate to an invoice after customer acceptance.

Online payments and projects

• Manage projects and track time spent on each project Employee. Record project expenditures and invoices and create an invoice To your customers faster. A professional Gantt chart is included for each Project and employee.

Potential clients

Potential clients are an important part of any company. Tries every company daily Get new clients. Sometimes potential clients contact Asking for a specific service provided by your company, then this is forgotten. With CRM you never forget your potential customers and you will be able to manage them all in one place


Great support ticket system with automatic reply, and staff feedback Special tickets, ticket assignments, attachments, and ticket returns Pre-set, knowledge base link inclusion, and ticketing priorities.

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