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General Questions

Bank transfer and credit cards.

Do your programs work as a subscription or SAAS?

Yes! It can easily.

Electronic billing accredited by the Zakat and Tax Authority In addition, we are authorized distributors for the Shomoos security system.

Certainly! We can, but the software you are using must be open source and modifiable, and our technical support team will analyze your software and provide a quote to link electronic billing in your software after analyzing the software.

- In the case of purchasing lifetime License, the support is free for the first year, then it becomes paid, starting from the second year, and its cost is 20% of the total contract value, but in the case of subscribing to the program annually, the support is free.

Certainly! Data can be imported from an old program and added to one of our programs.

Yes, you can add as many users as you want but you will pay additional charges.

Our programs can work offline.

Yes, we provide you with a free trial to try the software before purchasing it.

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