Because the customer is most important to your institution, he deserves comprehensive ACCAD's CRM system

Public or private appeal to customers or employees
Direct chat with the customer within the system
A record of every activity made by the employee
Quotation report by employee

Customers’ management

Recording potential customers and all activities and communications of them.
Recording the initial quotations and sending them via e-mail with tracking the status of the submission.
Receipt of the notification of the client's approval or rejection of the quotation with the client's electronic signature.
Converting potential customers into actual customers and recording the contacts of each customer.
Convert quotations into tax-compliant invoices and share them electronically via electronic invoicing, a Soft is an officially institution accredited for electronic invoicing.
A personal file for each customer that includes all his files, documents and data.
Conducting a survey for all customers or a specific customer and assigning it by user.
Making a public or private announcement to customers or employees.
A knowledge base that can be published and allow customers to view or participate in it.
Registration of contracts with customers include electronic signature and alert before the end of the contract.
Direct conversation with the customers within the system.
Customize fields, as you need on the customer page.

Team Management

Adding work team members and granting permissions to each employee.
Defining multiple sales goals for each employee, whether it is sales value or the number of actual or potential customers.
A dashboard for each employee with his goals, invoices, tasks and business calendar.
A record of every activity made by the employee.
tracking the time spent on each task, with the ability to bill the task to the customer that benefiting Freelancer employees.
Assign multiple employees to achieve a task and track of time for each employee. -Transferring the task from one employee to another employee.
Add auditors to tasks even if they are not employees of the project or task, and they can track task progress without access to the project or basic invoice.

Projects management

Define projects, start date and delivery date, and identify responsible employee for project implementation.
Determining the working hours required to complete the project, the total value of the project and the method of payment.
Opening project-specific tasks and transferring them to employees.
The possibility of billing tasks or without billing.
Changing the project completion stages and displaying the percentage of completion.


formatting of technical support tickets as needed.
preparing automated responses to customers according to each stage.
Notification when the customer opens a support ticket
Register tickets on the customer page and support page
View support tickets and status as a summary
Defining support stages as needed.


Report of the amounts received during a period.
Report of received invoices and taxes.
Quotation report by employee.
Customers Report.
Expense vs Revenue Report.

Additional Features

Separate media folder for non-administrative employees to work within CRM and organize their campaigns and files.
Customize payment methods as needed.

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