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We welcome you to the terms and conditions agreement of use of the AlfaSoft website and AlfaSoft software products, and we note to the need to read all the terms and conditions carefully, as your mere use of the AlfaSoft brand website means your full acceptance of all the terms and conditions, and AlfaSoft disclaims all responsibility In the event that you do not read the terms of this agreement, the user bears all legal responsibility in the event of a breach of one of the terms of the terms and conditions agreement.

Account Information

- When registering an account on the AlfaSoft website، real information belonging to the user or the institution he represents must be used, and he bears full responsibility in the event he enters misleading or incorrect information.

-The use of incorrect or misleading information leads to the suspension of your account on the AlfaSoft website.


Protecting your account information on AlfaSoft is one of your responsibilities, and therefore we advise you to use a strong password that includes letters, numbers and symbols, not less than 8 characters, and not to share the password with another person, as well as not to put sensitive information inside the profile such as credit card information, and limiting financial information in The purchase form when you purchase one of the AlfaSoft products and pay electronically.

-The Alfa Soft brand disclaims all responsibility in the event that your account is hacked due to hacking one of your devices, which you use the AlfaSoft website, hackers obtaining your password through phishing methods, unsafe use of devices, leaking your password to someone else, or setting a weak password that makes hacking easier.

-In the case that your account is hacked، please inform us rapidly to restore your account، protect your data, and repair your profile in case it has been tampered with by hackers, the event that you do not notify us that your account has been hacked, we disclaim our responsibility.

Do not write financial data or credit card information expect in purchasing form on AlfaSoft and make sure that URL includes the domain “”, In the event of your incorrect use of credit cards or electronic payment methods, you bear all responsibility.

Intellectual property rights

- We inform you that all the contents of the Alfa Soft brand website belong to the intellectual property of “"فواصل المتطورة التقنية Corporation - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is strictly forbidden to copy any parts of the content, text, images or video published on the wesite without prior approval from the management of “فواصل المتطورة التقنية” corporation.

-in the case content of the website is used, whether for personal or commercial use, this is considered a violation of intellectual property and the violator becomes liable to prosecution according to the intellectual property laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- The intellectual property of the logo، slogan، and all the elements of the visual identity of the AlphaSoft brand is owned by the “"فواصل المتطورة التقنية and no one has the right to use it.

- When you use the programs and software owned by the AlphaSoft brand, the intellectual property of these programs is not transferred to you and the rights to use the program are transferred to you during the specified time period, whether the programs are trial copies, paid or an annual subscription, and you are not entitled to reproduce the software or grant its use to other users.

Unsubscribe or Money back

When you subscribe to a paid subscription to one of the programs annual subscription “SAAS”, it is not possible to cancel the subscription for whatever reasons and you cannot get your money back. Also, if you purchase a lifetime license for one of the AlfaSoft programs, you cannot retrieve the program and you will not be able to redeem your money.

Modification of the terms and conditions agreement

We May be modify the terms and conditions agreement of the AlfaSoft website, and we may not notify you of such modifications. These modifications are effective once they are published. Your continued use of the website means your acceptance of all such modifications. Therefore, we recommend that you review the terms and conditions from time to time.

The laws governing the terms and conditions agreement

The terms and conditions agreement is governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the event of a breach by you of one of the terms and conditions, you agree to fully indemnify the AlphaSoft brand, including claims because of your violation of the terms and conditions.

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