AlfaSoft is a leading Saudi institution in the hotel software industry and various business sectors.

Thousands of codes written by expert h fingertips and long hours of planning carried out by thoughtful minds that were behind our success in gaining the trust of customers and adopting our programs by hundreds of Saudi hotels and institutions.

We believe that every keystroke on the keyboard that the work team presses it is a block for the tall building of success that we aspire to reach.

Our Mission

Developing software for the business and tourism sectors suitable for the Saudi market and approved by the official Saudi authorities, with the efforts of first-class experts in the field of programming and UI/UX development.

Our Vision

To be a success Technical partner for institutions in the Arab world.

Our Objectives

Developing Business solutions according to the latest programming techniques. Contribute to spreading technical awareness in the Saudi and Arab business sectors.
Provide professional customer service and solve customer problems as quickly as possible.
Wide exposure in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region.
To be our products in the foreground in obtaination accreditation from Saudi official authorities.
Facilitating the use of business software and making it available for use by various administrative levels.

Our Values


We strive with all our capabilities to be the first to innovate new features in our programs. In innovation of features, we rely on analyzing customer needs and using the latest software technologies. We have learned from the experiences of international companies that an organization that does not keep pace with the rapid technological development has no place in the market.


To be our distinctive fingerprints in every program we develop this is a priority in our institution. The market does not need more similar copies of hotel, restaurant and accounting software. We believe that the difference in UI/UX and away from tradition that is what makes the program successful.


Our journey in building high customer reliability continues. All the updates and features we add to our programs are working to enhance the reliability of our brand. Over the long years of effort, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of customers to be our systems are approved and reliable systems for large hotels and institutions.


Professionalism is the compass that drives all our activities. When we develop merely a button or a simple interface, we have to plan this matter at length to ensure that it matches the needs of customers accurately. After implementation, we run multiple tests to be confident that it works professionally.


When we write every code or developing any simple feature in one of our programs, we feel the great, responsibility is on us to provide the best user experience and create the simplest and easiest tool for the user. The use of our programs by hundreds of hotels, restaurants and companies increases the responsibility on us and increases our commitment to providing the best for these institutions that they trusted us.


The privacy of our users and the security of their data is a red line so we make dedicated efforts to keep the privacy of our users' data and protect their data.

Accreditation by official Saudi authorities:
The Zakat and Tax Authority accredit electronic billing in our programs and AlfaSoft is an authorized distributor of the Shomoos system.
Lifetime License or Annual Subscription:
We provide two options of purchasing software a lifetime license and annual subscription “SAAS”.
Professional support:
Our expert support team is fully prepared to solve all customers' problems.
Online / Desktop software:
Our software work on desktop through intranet and can work online.
Safe backup:
Backup is periodically created and sent to the user's e-mail.
Multiple users and permissions
You can request to add users as you want with giving each user the appropriate permissions, but there will be additional fees for increasing the number of users.
Ease of use:
The user interface is easy to use and flexible and the features of our software can be explored very easily.
Privacy and Security:
Advanced options in protecting privacy and security, such as limiting the work of the database to the installed user copy only, without the possibility of using it on another copy of the program.
Advanced Features:
Our programs has advanced benefits that cover all the needs of the tourism and business sectors.
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