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Because we realize that the website is the interface of your institution and it is the link between you and your customers and dealers, websites developing it goes through several studied steps to reach the final goal of getting a professional website that meets your needs.

Information gathering phase

The meeting takes place with the client to find out the needs of his institution in a comprehensively and detailed.

UX/UI Planning Phase

During this phase user interfaces or user experience are planned for the website to be designed and based on customer requests.

Phase of Customer approval

the meeting takes place with the customer, and the initial user experience scheme is presented and approved or modified upon his request.
Systems analysis phase
Our systems analysts analyze the entire website, analyze the programming mechanisms and techniques, the different stages of programming, and draw the necessary schemes for programming, specifying the time for developing the entire website and estimating the costs for developing the website.
Contracting phase
In this phase, we display analytical study of the website to the client, the time and cost required for competing website. When client agrees we formally contract with him, In the event that there are specific modifications to the study, we can modify them and then contract with the client.

Website development phase

we design interfaces and write programming scripts according to the programming scheme to produce the website in its final form.

Website Test Phase

we test website entirely, comparing the actual website with the user interface diagram and programming schemes, and test the performance of all buttons and pages, and fixing all errors.

The phase of updates and new releases

In the event that the customer desires more programming development and the development of advanced features, the systems analysis team, programmers, designers, as well as product development experts in a Soft will work diligently to launch newer versions of the website and add permanent updates.

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