Organizing and managing your documents become easier

Automatic recognition of the document language through artificial intelligence and saving the file in this language
High privacy of documents and data protection to the extreme
Share documents in real time with anyone, anywhere
Saving time through a simple user interface that facilitates classification and access to documents
Saving time through a simple user interface that facilitates classification and access to documents
Save files in multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF with the ability to print documents
Easy access to all incoming and outgoing files through the search feature.
The system can be operated through the organization's local network or via the Internet.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

which allows you to identify the characters contained in the document after scanning it without the need to scan it again, and this allows archiving and organizing invoices and important documents.
Transform your organization to the digital structure by archiving and saving all your documents and files in digital form
Determining permissions to access the documents, and this protects the security of important documents, and restricts them to the administration of the institution only
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Document archiving system is necessary for various institutions, but there are institutions that big need it. We will review some of them

Law offices

It is possible to archive all legal documents and files of each client and files belong to a specific lawyer, and special permissions you can grant to each lawyer according to his issues

Public institutions

there are many papers, documents and public institutions, but all the documents of the public institution will be in one place and you will reach the document you want through the search.

Real estate offices

Archiving real estate photos, title deeds, and sales contracts for each, with the ability to create notes for renters, sellers or buyers of real estate.

Human Resources Departments

It is possible to create a file for each employee that includes all his files and documents and access them easily, such as the CVs, payroll and official documents of the employee.

Training centers

you can classify all documents of the training institution by trainer, by course, or by specialization with support for three different languages.

medical clinics

With a click of a button, you can access the patient's folder and review all test results, previous examinations, and medical history.

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