About AlfaSoft Products

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Move your business to the digital space. This will definitely help you to speed up the pace of work and thus manage time effectively. It also ensures that you reduce errors to the maximum extent. Alfa Soft is your permanent partner through technical solutions and software systems that you provide in various fields (accounting, points of sale – hotel management – Restaurant system – Travel and tourism agencies – Customer relationship management – ​​Document archiving system – Shomoos security system application – Website design) In this article, we will give you a simple definition of each of them to help you choose the program that serves your business, while we will provide detailed articles later for each program individually.

Hotel management system: Our program is linked with the Shomoos security application and the Baladi application for value-added tax. It has a high capacity and speed in dealing with the possibility of development according to the hotel’s need. It offers you the ability to carry out all the operations you need in the hotel in a smooth manner through easy-to-use menus and windows.

Travel and Tourism Agencies Accounting System: Our software is connected with the global reservation platforms Amadeus, Galileo, Spear, in addition to accuracy and speed in dealing and the possibility of development as needed, as well as it is linked with the ticket sales program, whether the travel agency is contracted with IATA or not, and thus the possibility of importing ticket reservations automatically. It consists of several lists (file, cards, airline tickets, air freight, tourism services, car rental, international driving licenses, accounts, daily movement, accounts reports, final accounts, tools) and each of the lists includes several options and clear and simple windows.

Accounting and Point of Sale program: It enables you to extract all reports, enter entries, create invoices and final accounts with ease, and it includes electronic invoicing as Alfa Soft is an officially approved provider of electronic invoicing, through a set of lists that include all the windows that you may need in your business (file, entries, accounts, accounts reports, bills, billing reports, stores, reports stores, manufacturing, final accounts tools)
File and Document Archiving Software: The electronic archiving software with digital features is designed for professionals who want to use their time in the most efficient way by archiving their files systematically using a simple and easy to use interface. It can be used in various business sectors but it is badly needed by centers such as clinics, law firms, public institutions, real estate offices, human resources departments and training centers.

CRM Customer Relationship Management Program: It helps you to organize potential and actual customers in addition to arranging and archiving all operations, communications and files for each customer. Easy to use (dashboard, clients, sales, subscriptions, expenses, contracts, projects, tasks, technical support, leads, knowledge base, tools, reports)
ACAD program and system for restaurant management: It helps you to follow up customer requests professionally and transfer them to the kitchen, through several easy-to-use menus and windows that will be discussed in detail in a later article.

Shumoos Automated Application: The machine reader has been linked with the Shumoos security system to automatically enter hotel guest data into the system through the hotels front office program, which saves time for data entry through the Shumoos website. You can have a standalone copy of the system linked to the automatic document reading system.

And all the aforementioned programs, include free updates, and provide you with the highest levels of security to protect your data, and also enable you to download reports on the mobile, and backups reach you daily to your e-mail, the programs work online or over the local network, and the branches are connected via the Internet and there is no need for a third party It causes slowdowns and security threats to computers.

Web design and programming: Professional web design services for companies and organizations whose nature of work needs to have their own complete website.