property management system pms

hotel property management system pms systems Program for hotels and furnished apartments property management system pms

property management system pms

Alfa Soft offers you a program for hotels and furnished apartments approved by the official Saudi authorities, an all-in-one and easy-to-use management program that makes life easier for you and your guest clients. The best software for hotels greatly supports you in managing and managing small and large hotels and automating their related processes

property management system pms

A program for hotels and furnished apartments provides you with a set of hotel management program features and solutions that keep you ahead

Property management or hotel operating system systems can, by business, be used in real estate, manufacturing, logistics, intellectual property, government accommodation management, or hospitality.

property management system pms

What does a hotel business need to survive in a competitive market? At least two things: Have an online presence that makes the reservation process easier and deliver outstanding customer service so that visitors returning to your area will choose your location again.

Automating daily operations and administrative tasks is an important part of achieving customer satisfaction as it helps provide reliable and quality service time after time. A hotel is a complex system that encompasses the activities of many departments, and every operation must be tracked. For this purpose, hoteliers utilize various tools including spreadsheets, paper forms, and unified property management systems.

property management system pms

In this article, we’ll talk about property management systems (PMSs) that handle reservations, front- and back-office operations, channel management, and more. You’ll learn about the main functions of PMSs, compare products available from different providers, and receive recommendations on how to choose the most suitable system for your hospitality business.

?What is property management system pms

Are you looking for a new property management system for your hotel to help streamline your entire operation from back office administrative and accounting to guest facing room blocking and check-in? Whether you’re working on a ground up development and building out your tech stack or you’re in need of switching out a legacy PMS for a cloud based PMS with a modern user experience, choosing a PMS is a critical decision that should not be made hastily.

Finding the right Property Management Systems solution for your hotel depends on several variables ranging from user experience and pricing to functionality and support.

Finding the right Property Management Systems solution for your hotel depends on several variables ranging from user experience and pricing to functionality and support.

Hotel Property Management System Benefits

A property management system (PMS) is a hotel management software suite that property owners and front desk workers use to manage their business by coordinating reservations, online booking availability, payments, and reporting in one central place.

The Hotel PMS streamlines operations for front office staff and guest services in a hotel business to check-in and check-out guests, see room availability, make adjustments to existing reservations, and even can have back office functionality (schedule housekeeping or maintenance ). With a central system, hoteliers can better manage and monitor the key metrics needed to run their business (e.g. average daily rate, occupancy, and RevPAR).

Property management software or hotel PMS is the backbone of hospitality industry operations; the PMS eliminates costly overbookings by managing room availability, coordinates with any connected channel managers to improve room occupancy, accepts payments, and performs key day-to-day functions such as transferring guests, updating room rates, and managing housekeeping tasks.

The PMS can automate and improve a hotel’s business operations by providing competitive intelligence, automatically adjusting prices based on availability, and providing analytics and reporting functionality. The PMS enhances the guest experience by remembering customer preferences and sending pre and post-stay communications.

Many PMS systems can also integrate with other technologies such as point of sale systems, payment processors, hardware manufacturers, and guest experience software.

hotel management

Many other advantages of a program for hotels and furnished apartments that help your business to reach its desired goals and achieve the best results.

In today’s fast-paced environment, you definitely need a complete integrated system that helps you manage everything related to hotel management through one window.

Alfa Soft is here for you, offering you the best flexible and intelligent hotel management software that has been developed with the efforts of a professional software team with the aim of providing a service that will always leave a strong impact on our customers, specially designed to cover every aspect of hotel management.

Advantages of the hotel and furnished apartments program from Alfa Soft

  • An accounting program that supports electronic invoice, Alfa Soft is an officially approved institution for electronic invoicing, meaning that the invoices are digital instead of paper.
  • It is linked with my country system so that it supports value-added tax and tourist accommodation fees.
  • An integrated hotel management system approved by the official Saudi authorities.
  • Automatically linked with the Shomoos security system.

Supports individual reservations and tour group reservations

Improve your operational efficiency and save time on your customers with our unparalleled comprehensive reservation screen, discover smarter workflows by viewing customer details, reservation details and account information, assign room, pay and bill, allocate rooms and manage check-ins and check-outs for individual guests or groups all from one screen.

The PMS has a Hotel Guest Self Service Portal that speeds up the check in and check process, lets them send requests directly from their smartphones, and receive receipts online.   CRM management. CRM system included in the PMS allows for sending automatic pre-arrival, in-house, and post-departure emails, and manages email marketing campaigns.

Besides, Alfa soft has introduced a sentiment analysis -based Online Reputation Management system that gathers all the guest reviews from different sources like OTAs, TripAdvisor, and other travel websites, making it more convenient to respond to them in real time.  

Alfa soft allows you to manage all your reservations and your entire front desk operations in one an easy to use drag and drop platform with an extensive reporting suite.   Secure PCI Compliant storage of guest credit cards allows you to meet the high demands placed on you from your bank and card processor.  

Alfa soft is a hospitality tech company, powering operations and modern guest experiences for some of the world’s most exceptional independent hotel brands, vacation & short-term rental (STR) properties. alfa soft one-stop solution enables an industry-first truly automated experience from check-in to check-out for both guests and operators, resulting in flawless operations and increased profits.

whole suite of native integrated modules, including a responsive Booking Engine, to drive direct booking from your hotel website and a guest communication module to improve your guest satisfaction with personalizable emails as well as pre check-in & check-out functionalities.

Systems for vacation rentals, apartments, and lodging management.   For properties of this type, basic PMS functions are multi-property management and an online channel management module. Most of the solutions for apartments and timeshares exist as customized versions of hotel property management systems.


property management system pms from Alfa Soft contains the following:

  • The hotel management system software is equipped with a loyalty points program to enhance the loyalty of hotel guests.
  • Multilingual hotel software.
  • Hotel Accounts Software is intended to work in a single hotel or hotel group.
  • Allow adding multiple users with appropriate permissions for each user.
  • back offices

Manage all financial operations of the hotel such as accounts reports, final accounts, financial entries, inventory reports, entering purchase invoices, accounting for hotel costs such as catering costs, room rental costs, determining cost centers, and more financial operations.

  • Detailed reports:

Alfa Soft Hotel System provides you with a wide range of reports and analyzes that provide you with actionable insights into your daily operations, such as: Occupancy Reports, Revenue Reports, Comprehensive Reservations Reports, Guest Reports, Balance Reports, Marketing Reports as well as customized reports according to your needs, obtaining Get a complete picture of your business with the ability to view these reports on the screen or print them.

  • Guest management:

Our hotel reservation management software provides you with customer data, their contact information, receipt and payment invoices, and display their accommodation and reservation data. The hotel reservation system also allows the ability to specify room types, hotel suites, and rates for each room per night or hour, all of this and more you can find in the hotel visitors system.

  • Personnel Program:

The hotel reservation system helps you to record employee data and organize human resources in the hotel such as organizing employee files, working hours, working hours, delays, linking with the fingerprint device, storing CVs and employee documents, tracking salaries, annual leave system, managing employee compensation and entitlements, and related discounts and rewards and various other HR operations.

In addition to all of the above, you will get additional features related to a booking website. Here are the details complete:

In many cases, the hotel reservation site is the first exposure to your future customers of your hotel, that is, it serves as a welcome mat in your hotel, and it must be an enjoyable user experience that will attract him to your reservation. cad.

The reservations website will give them the ability to test the options they want. It is simple and easy to use. Providing these options gives you a great opportunity to collect data from your customers and by utilizing this data you will not only be able to provide a better picture of your offers to potential customers but we will also know how to make these deals more attractive to them.

Because when all the data collected about customer journeys is available in one place in the hotel software the algorithms will be able to help you identify ways to attract different customer segments and greatly improve the ROI of your hotel system.

Setting Realistic Hotel PMS Implementation Expectations

For most cloud-based systems, implementation can take one to three weeks depending on: how many reservations need to be imported and who is importing the data (some PMS will offer services to do this for you), the number of properties and rooms you have and any customizations you would like to add. 

Implementation will typically start by setting up the application – setting up rooms, room types, adding rates, and importing/adding existing and future reservations. An implementation coach or representative may work with you through the setup process, and verify your setup. Finally, you will connect your channels or channel manager to start taking reservations. Done correctly, there is no downtime between switching systems. A good PMS will also provide access to a video training library and knowledge base of its features to help new users get started.

A successful implementation requires an initial investment in time to configure your property properly – it’s an investment that has a direct impact to the efficiency of your operations later. For example, setting up your cancellations policy now will allow you to enforce that policy later.

How do I know when it’s time for my hotel to move onto a new cloud PMS? Purchasing a new PMS is an investment in time and resources; however, there is considerable opportunity cost that needs to be considered.

The right PMS can improve the customer experience by reducing errors like overbookings, improve occupancy rates by connecting your available inventory to your booking engine and channel managers, and help make your more money by letting you adjust your rates quickly- across all of your channels based on market conditions. On average, our customers enjoy an average profit margin increase of 15% after only three months. This more than pays for the investment and effort involved with migrating to a new system.

Protel PMS is a software that works for multi-property management of big chains and independent hotels.

Connect operations and financial processes by leveraging prebuilt integrations to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payment gateways, hotel industry applications, and property infrastructure devices. Integrate accounts receivable and commission handling.

Ensure accurate guest folios for faster, more accurate billing.   Increase room occupancy and ADR through real-time rate and availability management across distribution channels . Boost sales through direct booking channels on brand website.   Centralize and secure customer data and improve the quality and accuracy of guest profiles with reporting and analytics .

Understand customer buying patterns so you can define more targeted packages and services . Ensure compliance with national and international data-compliance rules.   Choosing the right hotel property management system is critical to the smooth running of your hotel operation. It pays to understand exactly what you do need, and what you don’t need.

The 2020/2021 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems provides the information you need to make a smart decision and find the hotel PMS that best fits your need. This research report, conducted by Starfleet and sponsored by Oracle Hospitality, provides a checklist to use when evaluating hotel PMS, a list of must-ask questions for vendors, a roadmap for buying decisions, and valuable insights from industry insiders and experts.  

Until recently, hotel PMS solutions were often managed on premises. On-premises solutions include hardware that can take up a lot of space.

Modern-day alfa soft solutions can go beyond the conventional collection of guest information that includes nothing but names and addresses. Hotel managers are now able to consolidate preference data and guest stays information in one place.

This offers a real-time insight into the guests’ staying and spending habits, enabling hoteliers to promote targeted offers.   Traditional alfa soft systems had zero or limited integration capabilities that limited hoteliers from working with other vendors. With cloud-based hotel software solutions, you can connect and integrate with other software applications, like CRM, ERP, accounting software, and more, for enhanced business productivity.

Free Demo Get Pricing.   alfa soft all-inclusive Hotel management software gives you complete control over your property along with an uninterrupted connection, Online Booking Engine, and Channel Manager. Get a free trial now. Read alfa soft.   Free Demo Get Pricing.   invoicing and accounting solution for small businesses. You can use it to create GST bills, fulfill orders, generate GSTR reports, track payments/expenses, and manage your inventory. Besides, you can use it to customize invoices and collect payments online.

Free Demo Get Pricing.  Its universal design can even accommodate the needs of yacht or surfboard rentals. Moreover, it’s free & downloads hotel management software. Read KWHotel Reviews.   Free Demo Get Pricing.   Djubo online hotel management system offers affordable features to every kind of accommodation provider from boutique hotels, quaint BnBs, hostels to hotel chains, etc

Alpha Soft is a leading Saudi institution in the hotel software industry and various business sectors

Thousands of programming codes written by expert hands and long hours of planning carried out by thinking minds that were behind our success in gaining the trust of customers and adopting our programs in hundreds of Saudi hotels and institutions. We believe that every keystroke on the keyboard by the team is a building block in building the towering success that we aspire to reach.

For more than twenty years, the preferences of our customers have been the guide for all our business and activities. We are not looking for customer satisfaction only, but our goal is to create customer happiness.

our mission

Developing software for the business and tourism sectors suitable for the Saudi market and approved by the official Saudi authorities, with the efforts of first-class experts in the field of programming and user interface development.

our vision

To be the technical success partner for institutions in the Arab region

Our goals:

Business software development according to the latest software technologies.

Contribute to spreading technical awareness in the Saudi and Arab business sectors.

Provide professional customer service and solve customer problems as soon as possible.

Wide spread in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region.

That our programs be the first to obtain accreditation from Saudi official bodies.

Facilitating the use of business software and making it available for use by various administrative levels.

rate us:


We strive with all our capabilities to be the first to innovate new features in our programs. In innovation of features, we rely on analyzing customer needs and using the latest software technologies. We have learned from the experiences of international companies that an organization that does not keep pace with the rapid technological development has no place in the market.


Putting our distinctive mark in every program we develop is a priority in our organization. The market does not need more similar copies of hotel, restaurant and accounting software. We believe that the difference in user experience and away from tradition is what makes the program successful.


Our journey in building high customer reliability continues. All the updates and features that we add to our programs are working to enhance the reliability of our brand. Over the long years of work, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of customers that our programs and systems are the approved and reliable systems for large hotels and institutions.


Professionalism is the compass that drives all our work. When we develop just a button or a small window, we have to plan this matter at length to ensure that it matches the needs of customers accurately. After implementation, we run multiple tests to be confident that it works professionally.

the responsibility

When writing every code or developing any simple feature in one of our programs, we feel the great responsibility placed on our shoulders to provide the best user experience and create the simplest and easiest tool for the user. The use of our programs by hundreds of hotels, restaurants and companies increases the responsibility on us and increases our commitment to providing the best for these institutions which we trusted.


Users’ privacy and confidentiality of their data is a red line so we make dedicated efforts to maintain the privacy of our software users’ data and protect their data.

Advantages of Alpha Soft Programs

Accreditation by official Saudi bodies:

The electronic bills in our programs are approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, an authorized distributor for the automatic security system of Suns, approved by the Baladi system, approved by the Saudi Tourism Authority.

Perpetual License or Annual Subscription:

We offer purchase of a lifetime use license or annual subscription to the SAAS program.

Professional technical support:

Our expert technical support team is fully prepared to solve all customer problems with a 24/7 ticket system.

Availability to work on the computer and via the Internet:

Our software runs on computers through the organization’s internal network and can also work over the Internet.

Safe backup:

Data is backed up periodically and sent to the user’s e-mail.

Multiple users and permissions:

You can request to add as many users as you want with giving each user the appropriate permissions, but there will be an additional fee for increasing the number of users.

Ease of use:

The user interface is easy to use and flexible and the features of the software can be explored very easily.

Privacy and confidentiality protection:

Advanced options in protecting privacy and confidentiality, such as limiting the work of the database to the installed user copy only without the possibility of using it on another copy of the program.

Advanced Features:

Each of our programs has advanced benefits that cover all the needs of the tourism and business sectors.

When you obtain a program from Alfa Soft, you will have obtained a large number of current and future services because Alfa Soft is a leading Saudi institution in the software industry for hotels and various business sectors. In addition to that, Alfa Soft has many advantages, including training on programs in addition to continuous technical support through the program Technical support for customers.

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