travel agency accounting software

travel agency accounting software

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  •  accounting 

     is a key factor in any kind of business and information system designed to communicate correct information to internal as well as external users. Accounting involves recording, classifying, and analyzing accounting information geared toward determining the financial strength and weakness of a travel agency.

    Through the management of a travel agency and with many daily transactions

    it can be easy to lose track of your sales and incoming payments. Through the use of a special accounting program to manage travel agencies, you can track your company’s net cash flow from sales and expenses. And look at your profits and losses by having reports that show you net profits and losses when it comes to data collating,  online travel management software is the answer.

    2-    Accounting Benefits for Travel Agency Management

    ·        record for cash receipt

    Keeping a record of electronic invoices and receipts is very important for travel agencies during accounting. It is also important to record all revene received by the travel agency during the period of running the business. Transactions relating to cash, cards such as debit or credit, checks for flight packages, and commissions received by travel businesses from hotels, airlines, and other sources are recorded.

    ·       Accounts Receivable in Accounting

     is the term referred to the amount owned by the producer, sellers or suppliers for the purchase made by the travel agency for tourism services and travel products on credit. It is one of the important statements of accounting that must be recorded in the travel business

    ·       Keep a record of cash payments for accounting

    Cost, in the cash disbursement journal all cash outflows of the travel business are recorded. It is important to keep track of all operating expenses of a travel agency to facilitate accounting. The officer in charge should record company employees’ salaries, rents, telephone expenses, financial and legal expenses, administrative cash flows, selling and distribution expenses, etc. in the cash disbursement section of the travel process.

    3-    What is the master ledger?


    It is the destination of entries in sub-journals used to balance travel agency business accounts.

    Balancing means constant examination and verification of the accuracy of the travel agency’s accounting system. There are certain objectives of the travel ledger in the accounting of the travel agency as shown below.

    ·        Determine the sources of income of the travel agency

    ·        Determine the total cash sales and deferred sales

    ·        . The total commission received by the travel agency through various sources.

    ·        Performance evaluation of the travel agency

travel agency accounting software
travel agency
  • What is the gds؟

A Global Distribution System (gds) is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, especially airlines and travel agencies. Travel agencies have traditionally relied on gds for services, products, and prices in order to provide travel-related services to end consumers. Thus, a Global Distribution System (gds) can link services, rates, and reservations that integrate products and services across all three travel segments: (amadeus-galileo-sabre).

The GDS will have a real-time link to the seller’s database., When a travel agency requests a reservation on a particular airline service, the GDS routes the request to your computer reservations system and it will be linked to the travel agency’s accounting software


The benefits of linking GDS to the travel agency’s accounting system

  • that when selling tickets via (amadeus-galileo-sabre)

Detailed information about the traveler, the date of its flight, and the ticket number will be brought, and that no information can be modified to ensure that there is no forgery. The price can only be modified if the travel agency so desires.

  • Having a gds linked with a travel agency’s accounting software enables companies to run their business effectively and efficiently.
  • The presence of the gds with the special program for travel agents gives more value to companies
  • What is amadeus selling platform connect?

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a next-generation booking and fulfillment platform for online travel agencies, designed to free you from the limitations of technology. The next generation booking and fulfillment tool is designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business

  • What is the galileo travelport

Galileo gds is a global distribution system, . The galileo system can be used to book airline tickets, train tickets, and car rentals, connecting buyers and sellers to travel through one independent and non-conflicting market.

  • What are the benefits of the galileo gds؟

For travel agents, the primary advantage of the galileo gds is the ability to distribute airline tickets to travel agencies and clients on a global scale. This is achieved by providing travel agents with 24-hour direct access to inventories and price information, allowing them to book hotel rooms for their clients.

Import airline tickets
  • What can iata accreditation give travel agents


It is the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It is the link for the airline of World AirlinesIt is the International Air Transport

The benefits that IATA offers you when you enter into an agreement with them

-flight tickets


  • One of the most important advantages of being an iata authorized agent is that you can reach approximately 250 airline members using a sales agent agreement.

The benefits that iata offers you when you enter into an agreement with theflight tickets

  • This key feature eliminates the need for other intermediaries, simplifies booking processes, and lowers expenses for both agents and airlines. With access to IATA’s billing systems – Billing & Reconciliation Plan
  • Credibility of travel and tourism companies
  • Because iata is scrupulously investigating travel agencies according to their own terms and checking their revenues and the agency’s annual income
  • Once you give the seal, you are approved as an agent for iata
  • Industry recognition
  • Acting as an agent for iata ccreditation give travel agents
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