Accounting and management system dedicated to the work of travel agencies

Centralized management of your business from one place

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Connected with reservation programs Amadeus - Galileo - Saber in addition to the speed in dealing with the possibility of development as needed

Free Updates

Always get free software updates from ALFA SOFT

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Work on the local network, offline or online

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network

Highest security for data protection

No data loss ALFA SOFT uses the latest technologies to protect and encrypt databases

Receive daily backups to your email

Daily backup of databases for cloud clients, and a copy of the data is also sent to the client via e-mail

Branches are online and there is no need for an expensive VPN

All branches are linked to each other without the need for any third-party software that may cause slowdowns and computer security threats


Manage agency operations of reservations, accounts and personnel from one place

Reports and inquiries

Recording sales of IATA tickets and economic companies and issuing tax invoices.
Automated import from reservation programs.
Ticket sales in all cases by account, cash or electronic payment.

Inquiries and reservations

Sales report by employee / company / customer.
Compare IATA bills automatically.
Making accounting entries automatically and the possibility of entering the opening entry (account balances for the beginning of the new year).

Hotels and agents

Entry of hotel reservations and agent accounts.
Comprehensive hotel reports with guest details.
Enter visa applications with costs.

Accounting operations

Comprehensive reports of visa details and costs.
Entering air waybills.
Inquiries about issued and received policies.

Restrictions and balances

General journal entries (in local and foreign currency).
Preparing the estimated balances of the accounts for comparison with the actual.
Movement of general ledger accounts.

Financial following

Recording of operations: notices, vouchers, etc.
Financial flows.
Documentary Credits.
Trial scales.

Income and receivables

Income lists.
Other receivables.
Other payables.

Financial centers and bills of exchange

Notes of payment (bills of exchange).
Accounts receivable: reconstruction of customer receivables, statements.
Accounts payable: reconstruction of suppliers receivables, statements
Financial centers.

A specially equipped integrated accounting system

Automate accounting entries, general journal entries, financial flows, bank accounts and financial centers.

Integrated with ticket sales software

Recording sales of IATA tickets and economic companies, issuing tax invoices and the possibility of automatic import from reservation programs.

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