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Enter the guest data automatically into the system which will save a lot of time

Centralized management of your business from one place

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The high capacity and speed in dealing with the possibility of development as needed and extracting all reports easily

Free Updates

Always get free software updates from ALFA SOFT

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Work on the local network, offline or online

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network

Highest security for data protection

No data loss ALFA SOFT uses the latest technologies to protect and encrypt databases

Receive daily backups to your email

Daily backup of databases for cloud clients, and a copy of the data is also sent to the client via e-mail

Branches are online and there is no need for an expensive VPN

All branches are linked to each other without the need for any third-party software that may cause slowdowns and computer security threats


The automatic reader has been linked with the Shomoos system for automatic guest data entry into the system through the front offices program, which saves a lot of time for data entry through the Shomoos website

It works within the front office software as a single block.

It does not need to save a copy of the travel document as the data is analyzed directly.

The operations of reading, analyzing and saving the data are done through a single command given by the user.
The data for Saudi and Gulf identity cards and residency can be read.
A separate version of the system is available, linked to the automatic document reading system

The speed of reading and analyzing passport data, for example, does not exceed 4 seconds.

No data loss

In the event that the automatic relaying is not possible due to a malfunction in the network, the system maintains the unstaged data in a special table, and the user is notified of the existence of data that could not be migrated to the Shomoos system, where it is possible to enter the re-migrate screen.

Ease of use

The data migration process does not require any special effort on the part of the user, as the application migrates to the Shomoos system automatically upon every residence or departure of a guest or group.

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