Last updated 29/09/2021

AlfaSoft uses cookies as they help us improve the user experience by knowing his preferences and searches, and also help us learn more information about the user's visit to our website and thus analyze users' data to know their preferences and needs and we target users in advertising campaigns based on Information about the different sessions in which the user uses the website.
For your information, cookies are a small file that is saved on your computer's storage, and this file does not track your personal data or sensitive information about you, but rather the task of this file is to collect information about your use of the AlfaSoft website in the sessions in which you visited the website .
You can turn off cookies on AlfaSoft website from your browser and you will be notified with a notification about whether allow or not allow cookies, and if you do not allow cookies they will not be used but this may affect your website user experience.

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