How do we work

Information gathering stage

It is carried out in coordination between the System Analysis Department in AlFasoft and the specialized administrative departments of the client, with the aim of drawing a general scheme for the system’s functioning and identifying its merits.

The analytical study stage

The systems analysis team, in cooperation with the web site programming team, prepares an analytical study of the site based on the site plan and the rationale from the first stage, and the costs and estimated time to build the site are determined.

The contracting and agreement stage

It is conducted in cooperation between Alvasoft and the client, where the analytical study is first discussed and certain adjustments can be made to it, and the costs and duration are agreed upon.

The executive study stage

Based on the summary of the analytical study, the web site programming team at Alvasoft designs the general shape of the site and determines the pages required for it, and determines its programming requirements.

The testing and bug-fix phase

This is done in three steps: Systems analysts test the compatibility between the site and the analytical study and the web site programming team is notified in case of any deficiency. A trial version of the site is being installed on the client's space, and the site is running for a trial period, where notes and errors that may occur are recorded to be dealt with quickly. The final delivery of the site is done after avoiding all errors and taking into account the customer's requirements.

Programming stage

The site's scripts are being created and the pages are linked to each other according to the general layout of the site based on the results of the fourth stage. Then the design and production team completes the final look of the site.

The development stage

Alvasoft gives its clients a development service for their sites where new ideas and suggestions are passed on, and the work requires the developed block to pass through the six production stages.

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