The high capacity and speed in dealing with the possibility of development as needed and extracting all reports easily


Free Updates

Free Updates Always get free software updates from ALFA SOFT

Highest security for data protection

No data loss ALFA SOFT uses the latest technologies to protect and encrypt databases

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network


Manage all hotel operations from reservations, accounts, personnel affairs and rooms from one place.


integrated with Balady

We support value-added tax and tourist accommodation fees


Individual and group reservations

You can easily and quickly enter reservations for individuals and groups and receive them. It is also possible to make an unconfirmed reservation and to accommodate the guest after confirming the reservation.



Guest bills and orders

A breakdown of the inmate’s bill, whether for individuals or groups. It is also possible to add special requests to the invoice and close it upon departure and transfer the operations to the accounting system for auditing accounts.

Front Office

• Inquiries: searching and inquiring about the client’s presence in the hotel, the expected and actual arrival and departure for individuals and groups.
• Comprehensive reports for reservations and reservation plan by date.
• Reception reports by date - guests - groups and more.
• Reports of the fund and operations in abbreviated or expanded form.
• Operation and maintenance reports.
• Reports of room services operations.
• Reports of comparing housing plan with the actual housing and the differences.
• Revenue reports, in detail or in total.
• Tax reports and accounts.

Back Office

• Accounts: a comprehensive account guide, financial restrictions, accounts reports, final accounts. Warehouses: Printing bar code labels for all assets, furniture and furnishings in the hotel, entering purchase invoices, receiving and delivery notes and transporting materials, material movement reports, ordering system, inventory reports, expiration date for foodstuffs. Cost accounting: catering costs, and room rental costs by adopting them as cost centers.

Cash registers

• Customer requests, cash movement and closing of funds, issuance of housing wage bills and following up on departures for groups and individuals.

Internal supervision

Room status (occupied - not occupied), services provided, room status report showing, report of discrepancies (difference between reception and internal supervision)

Maintenance Department

• Follow up on the department's orders and tasks (maintenance order, preventive maintenance).

Marketing and sales program

• Administration: documenting all communications, archiving all hotel customer data. Communicate with all clients through fax, SMS, and e-mail.

Reception for individuals and groups

• Equipped to connect with the Channel Manager.
• Equipped to connect with electronic door switches.Defining revenue according to the code.
• Room plan as per hotel sketch.
• Defining the price chart for rooms by date and by code.
• Tablet for room service staff.

Personnel and payroll program

• Administration: preparing the administrative structure in the hotel, employee information, entitlements and the movement of wages, deductions and advances, following up on the expertise and qualifications of employees, monitoring time by adopting one of the monitoring devices such as fingerprint and electronic cards, preparing and processing letters and forms related to the establishment, entering official data and documents of the establishment and prior warning of its powers.

Report management software

• Administration: reception reports, internal supervision, reservation, fund, maintenance, hotel management. Reports of the Marketing and Sales Department, in addition to a large number of daily, monthly and annual reports.

Program for communication between the system and remote administrators

• Administration: Sending any report as a message (SMS) or (E-Mail) to administrators upon request. Inquiries about the possibility of reservations. The possibility of reservation through two-way messaging with the system.

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