The high capacity and speed in dealing with the possibility of development as needed and extracting all reports easily

Free Updates

Free Updates Always get free software updates from ALFA SOFT

Highest security for data protection

No data loss ALFA SOFT uses the latest technologies to protect and encrypt databases

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network


The archive program, powered by digital advantages, has been designed for professionals who want to use their time in the most efficient way by archiving your files systematically with a simple and user-friendly interface.


One of the strengths of the AlFasoft archive system is that it can automatically detect documents written in a foreign language with artificial intelligence technology and save them in that language. It helps you to classify your documents easily with its existing English and Arabic language support infrastructure



It helps you to share these documents that you have saved on your computer with the people you want. You can save your documents as JPG, PNG, and PDF as well as easily print the documents you need.

Who Can Use?


If you are operating in the healthcare sector, you can quickly access patient history by folder all files, test results, or examination information of your patients, and bring information about previous examinations or procedures with a single click.

Law Offices

You can save and archive all kinds of files belonging to your clients or lawsuits as you wish, and you can access these documents quickly. If you have a crowded team, you can authorize each lawyer to see their case file.

Public institutions

You can folder the incoming and outgoing documents of your institution as you wish and organize your work without wasting time by using the easy search features of the program.

Real estate agents

You can archive the images and title deeds of the real estate in your portfolio in a single folder, and create special notes regarding the wishes and needs of your customers.

Human Resources

Personnel personal files for human resources departments of all public and private organizations, etc. You can easily archive all documents such as. You can restrict access to confidential information such as payrolls and authorize accordingly.

Educate Companies

You can classify the institution or people you will train and store their training files and information such as presentation documents. You can also make it easier to classify your documents with support for three different languages.

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