Why ACCAD accounting and point of sale program

The high capacity and speed in dealing with the possibility of development as needed and extracting all reports easily

Free Updates

Free Updates Always get free software updates from ALFA SOFT

Highest security for data protection

No data loss ALFA SOFT uses the latest technologies to protect and encrypt databases

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Reports on mobile

View your work live on mobile

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network

Local or Cloud

Many options to work on programs via cloud technology or local network


Easily manage accounting operations and allow multiple users to work at the same time


Easy and comfortable to operate and manage organizations

The program interface is comfortable for long work periods A system for distributing powers for all parts of the program so that the system administrator can control the powers of each user



Fast Data handling

The ability to export reports to text files or Excel files to facilitate sending them.

The program supports Microsoft SQL Server database capable of dealing with huge volumes of data with great speed.


Purchase bills in cash, on credit, or in batches.
Entering quantities directly into stores.
Comparison of suppliers' prices.

Final Accounts

Trading account.
The profit and loss account.
Opening Balance.
Closing balance.

Guide of accounts and printing

Flexible and multi-level chart of accounts.
Print checks.
Print receipts and exchange vouchers.
Trial Balances


Items directory (main - sub).
Define items with all details and prices.
Detailed and summary inventory of quantities and value.
Notice before items out of stock

Sales invoices

Point of sale invoice from the store directly.
Each seller has a User, Permissions, and Password.
Print multiple copy bitmap or thermal invoices fast.
The possibility of selling in cash, on the bank, or on credit with powers.
Prevent selling below cost price.


Knowing the profits by invoice, by day, or during the manager's period.
Customer price identifier for a specific item according to the last invoice.
Sale by barcode or manual.
Know the location of the piece directly according to the place of storage.
Invoice design according to the organization logo.

Books and movements

Account Ledger.
The statement of account can be taken for any detailed or brief customer.
Fund and bank movements.
Supplier statements are brief - total - detailed.


More than one warehouse can be defined.
Goods can be moved between warehouses.
It is possible at any time to know the quantity and value of the goods in warehouse.
Inventory matching without downtime.

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