How do you manage a team?

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Why do some companies survive and thrive and grow and others fail in a short period of time? There must be many justifications that explain this failure that managers may not take into account, perhaps the most prominent of these reasons is the incorrect selection and management of the work team.
Behind any business or industrial success lies a great team, and this rule applies to startups as much as it does to giants.
A work team means two or more people who work together in a coherent way to achieve a specific goal, and the success of one depends on the success of the other, and therefore the work manager must ensure the organization and coordination of that group of individuals and develop strategies that ensure their success, bearing in mind that these strategies must be changed from one team to another to ensure Consistency with their personalities and the tasks assigned to them.

Perhaps the most important strategies that contribute to building an efficient team are the following:
• Conducting a careful study that enables you to select your team accurately and in proportion to your plans, and lead that team in a manner that is commensurate with their tasks and interests.
• Strong leadership stems from emotional intelligence that helps you address problems quickly and does not allow one member to rebel against others. It also generates positive team morale.
• Promoting a culture of team spirit and building collective intellectual communication between them and listening to each other’s opinions in order to achieve the general goal.
• Continuing to develop the team and reward the distinguished individuals among them in a way that encourages others to do better work and encourages the distinguished to give more.
• Admit your mistakes, and set an example for your team, do not interfere in the minute details that they have the authority to act on, and it is necessary to organize fun activities from time to time.

Whatever your type of work, you must take into account the importance of building your team that will represent you well, and train it effectively to ensure the achievement of your goals, the implementation of your plans effectively and efficiently, and the continuity, continuity and success of your project.